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Q: When should the hood be cleaned ? 
A: The complete exhust system should be clean two times per year, (every six months), for light cooking operations. Cleaning should be performed more often for operations that preform extended cooking. 

Below would be the general rules for the cleaning of operations with extended cooking :

24 hour operations            -     clean every quarter
heavy char-broil or wood    -     clean every month
Q: When will you clean the hoods and service the fire systems ?
A: Because we are a 24/7 operation we can scheduel your service when the cooking operation is closed or when the operation is at its slowest time. We will work with your schedules.
Q: Am I required to clean my hoods ?
A: Yes, state and local codes require the hood and exhaust system, along with the fire system, to be maintained in accordance with fire codes. Also, health agencies require the hood to be cleaned on a regular schedule.
Q: Can I cook during the cleaning process ?
A: No, health regulations will not allow cleaning or chemicals to be used when food products are exposed.
Q: Do I have to clean up after the hood is cleaned ?
A: No, the appliances are covered during the cleaning process and the floors are mopped when we are finished cleaning.  
Q: Are we required to have the fire extinguishers and system inspected ?
A: Yes, the fire system is required to be inspected every six (6) months and the fire extinguishers once (1) a year by a licensed company. Any deficiencies will be noted to the owner for repair.