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Other companies may offer similar services, but our services and pricing are the most afforadable and come with a personal touch. Many national and local companies are about price and business as usual, we are not. Our goal is to provide you and your business with the most for your money in service and equipment. 

Columbia Fire & Hood Cleaning Company is a 24/7 business so you can schedule cleanings that work best for your hours of operation. Our pre-monthly scheduling service, enable us to call and schedule your cleanings so your kitchen maintenance is trouble- free. 

We are state licensed and insured for fire extinguisher and hood fire system service; and offer the  annual and semi-annual inspections, in accordance with the national and local fire codes. We are able to complete the required service at the same time we preform the hood cleaning, this service saves time and money. We also, service exit lights, emergency lights, fans, filters, cooking equipment and hood design. 

Columbia Fire & Hood Cleaning Company values every customer and provides a service that is consistently better than the competition. We always strive to give each customer the best possible service for the money.

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Committed to helping our customers achieve the best service at the most affordable price.